About Bee

Hello and welcome to Bee Chiropractic. “The Beehive” is a small clinic situated in Mt. Hawthorn, run by myself, Dr. Susanna de Broekert. Being a single clinician practice, my patients always have the benefit of consistency and comfort through familiarity. My goal is to help you with your back pain, neck pain or other musculoskeletal complaints.

Feel reassured by my non-invasive, evidence-based treatment. The emphasis of my treatment is on spinal manipulation using low-force instruments complemented by soft tissue therapy when needed. However I also believe that assessing daily activities and habits is vital, as many issues can often be fixed by making minor lifestyle changes.

My clinical experience as a chiropractor spans seven years. Upon completing my double Bachelor at Murdoch University in 2013, I practised as an Associate in a northern suburbs chiropractic clinic for five years, and in mid-2019 decided to start this little practice of my own.

Dr Susanna de Broekert Bee Chiropractic.

At Bee Chiropractic, I predominantly practise two techniques (Activator Methods and Neuromechanical Technique) utilising the activator and impulse IQ instruments. These instruments are small spring-loaded, handheld mechanical devices which produce a quick, shallow thrust through a soft rubber tip. During treatment, the device is held against a specific joint and an impulse is emitted to increase joint mobility. The amount of force and number of impulses can be varied according to what is deemed clinically appropriate.

These machines are clinically designed to adjust vertebral joints without emitting enough force to cause injury. Treatment is also enhanced by the speed and precision these instruments operate with, which allows little opportunity for surrounding muscle to create resistance. The Activator method is a technique which is highly regarded internationally, utilised by approximately 70% of Australian chiropractors. There is a vast body of evidence to support both these techniques and instruments.

My Treatment Style

Still buzzing to know more?

I'm a pretty curious person too, so if you have any questions you'd like to ask please feel free to give me a buzz or flick me a text/email with any of your questions or concerns.

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I'm also more than happy to organise a time for you to swing by and have a chat before committing to your first appointment. 


Appointment Types & Fees

first appointment - $100

follow-up appointment -$65

~ 60 minutes

patient history, physical exam, report of findings and treatment

on the spot private health rebate claiming available

~ 30 - 45 minutes

progress check-in, reassessment and treatment

on the spot private health rebate claiming available

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private health funds accepted

additional information:

Please call or text for last-minute bookings.

Out of hours appointments available on request.

Speak to your GP about a Team Care Arrangement to receive up to 5 bulk billed appointments a year through Medicare.